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Remembering The Internment: Italian Canadians During World War II - Montreal
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About CIBPA Bursary Program

Full-time university students at under-graduate, graduate or post-graduate studies level, that are Canadian citizen, recognised resident of the province of Quebec and of italian origin, are invited to apply for a CIBPA Bursary. For more detail on the eligibility criteria please click here.

CIBPA Bursary Program was established in order to help Italian-Canadian students achieve their dreams. In order to promote education among our youth, CIBPA upheld the tradition and, through such a program, is able to reinvest each year in its community.

Since its creation in 1961, the Bursary Program has provided almost 3 million $ and 1752 bursaries to young Italian-Canadians who have achieved academic excellence and have met the established financial assistance criteria,a remarkable contribution to the education of business and professional people, who compose the socio-economic network of nowadays Quebec society. CIBPA is thus among the most important private donors of bursarie throughout Canada.

But the succes of this program wouldn't be possible without the involvement of all our donors and the collaboration of our volunteers, who devote each year their energies and ressources to this noble cause. In fact, the fund for the bursaries come from the Fund of CIBPA (CIBPA FOUNDATION) and from the donations of business people of the Italian Community of Quebec collected through our annual fundraising campaign.

In 2011, in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of our Bursary Program, we collected over
135 000$, a sum that gave us the possibility to grant 50 bursaries to university students of Italian origins. This tremendous community effort emphasizes the generosity of our donors.

Investment in knowledge and intellectual development of our young generations is essential for the development of the society at large: education is a byword for cultural richness and appreciation, strenght and autonomy of the community itself.

If you wish to help us pursuing our mission you can make a donation to the CIBPA Foundation: your support will contribute to foster the education of our young generations!

CIBPA has been granting students bursaries for many years now.
Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to more easily further your education!

Click here to apply for a bursary now

From our archives...

CIBPA Bursary Program was founded on May 13th, 1958.

At that time, the direction committee was chaired by Me Raphaël Esposito and was composed of Dr. Antonio Binda and Messers Antonio Capobianco, Patsy Colangelo, Alfredo Gagliardi, Jos. A. Garofalo, Dominic Padulo, Dr. Victor Panaccio, Louis Tondi and Martin Tucci.

These reputed business men together united their forces with the community to assure a good education to the young generation, in order to enable them to face the new challenges of the society and contribute to its wellness.

At a general meeting held in August 1959, Alfredo Gagliardi got the approval to create a Trust Fund (CIBPA Benefactors Fund) to help the students admissible to the program.

It’s in 1961 that CIBPA Bursary Program distributed its first bursaries to young university students of Italian origin. On that occasion, four bursaries were granted for a total amount of 1 000 $.

In 1986, the Trust Fund was transformed to a charitable foundation in order to assure the permanence of this initiative.

2011: The Bursary Program celebrates its 50 years of existence
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its Bursary Program, the CIBPA Benefactor Fund changes its name to become Fondation CIBPA, CIBPA Foundation, Fondazione CIBPA.

Go to 50th Anniversary page for details on the celebrations.


Presidents of CIBPA Bursary Program, 1961-2011
1961-1985CIBPA Executive
1986-1990Louis Balena
1991-1995Consolato Gattuso
1996-97 Salvatore Mariani
1998-1999Teresa Sauro-Lalla
2000-2005 Rocco Caruso
2006-2011 Gian Carlo Biferali
2012- Mike Goriani

Presidents of the Fundraising Campaign for CIBPA Bursary Program 1961-2011
1961-62Dr. Victor Panaccio
1963-64Don Safolio
1965-68Frank Vincelli
1969-70 Dante Panni
1998-1999Teresa Sauro-Lalla
1971-72 Mario Bari
1973-74Orlando Sbragia
1975-77 Orlando Sbragia
1978-80 Jack Chiarella
1981-82 Me Tony De Michele
1983-85 Vincent Civitella
1986-94 Giuseppe Di Battista
1995-96 Sen. Pietro Rizzuto
1997 CIBPA Executive
1998-2001 Raymond Massi
2002-2011 Me Rita Lc de Santis
2012- Nicholas Di Tempora

In 1961, four bursaries have been distributes , pour un total de 1 000 $.
The 4 recipients were: George Nicholo (McGill University), Egidio Ferraro (McGill University), Nicodemo Ieraci(Université de Montréal, Polytechnique), Rosa Marcario (St. Joseph Teachers College).

During the following decades, thanks to the involvement and the efforts of the community, the number of bursaries distributed has since seen a remarkable increase:

YearsN. Bursaries


- Complete list of Bursary Recipients from 1961 (in pdf)

- Complete list of Bursary donors from 1961 (in pdf)


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


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