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Remembering The Internment: Italian Canadians During World War II - Montreal
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Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP)
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Competition to create a sculpture... >>read more


Canadian Doc developing blood test that could detect concussions
article in the The Gazette
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Half-baked idea? Twins Delights is far from it
article in The Gazette
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For the year 2010, 36 bursaries have been granted
- 3 Doctorates, 7 Masters and 26 Bachelors:


Blain-Arcaro, Christine
Carleton University, Psychology, Psychology

Fragapane, Joseph-Donato
McGill University, Medicine, Medical Doctorate

Liguori, Marilena
INRS, Urbanisme, Études urbaines


Colasurdo, Gabriele
Concordia University, Science Chemistry

Corneli, Mauro
Concordia University, Arts, Philosophy

Di Cesare, Michaela
University of Toronto, Arts, Drama

Gioia, Milena
University of Ottawa, Arts, Women's Studies

Peccia, Stephanie
Concordia University, Psychology, Child Study

Rossi, Carmine
McGill University, Medicine, Epidemiology

Seccareccia, Adria
McGill University, Education, Library and Information Studies


Alessi, Maria Josée
Université du Québec en Outaouais, Éducation, Éducation préscolaire et primaire

Barbagallo, Margherita
Ottawa University, Law, Common Law

Berlangieri, Sonia
Université de Montréal, Medicine, Phisiotherapy

Chadillon-Farinacci, Véronique-Sophia
Université de Montréal, Arts & Sciences, Criminologie

Cescutti, Ivana
McGill University, Law, Civil Law

Colalillo, Sara
McGill University, Arts, Psychology, Italian

De Gaetano, Faona
McGill University, Arts, Political Science

Di Francesco, Vanessa
Concordia University, Arts, Art History

Fiori, Samantha
Concordia University, Science, Pure & Applied Math

Garofalo, Milena
McGill University Science, Medicine

Loffredi, Alexandro
Concordia University, Commerce, Marketing

Mastromatteo, Pietro
Concordia University, Arts, Classics

Mazzamauro, Sofia
McGill University, Arts, Cultural Studies

Mezzacappa, Sabrina
Concordia University, Arts, Western society and culture

Montanaro Gianni
Concordia University, Arts, Psychology

Monteferrante, Marco
Concordia University, Engineering, Building Engineering

Morra, Angela
UQAM, Éducation, Enseignement secondaire

Piazza, Anthony
Concordia University, Arts, Electroacoustic Studies

Prioriello, Teresa
McGill University, Science, Biochemistry

Rainone, Anthony
McGill University, Science, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Reale Hernandez, Cuauhtémoc
École Polythechnique de Montréal, Génie, Génie physique

Roda, Nina
McGill University, Science, Biochemistry

Sifoni, Anthony
Concordia University, Arts, Film Studies

Sifoni, Carla
Concordia University, Arts, Art History

Stachrowski, Alissa
Université de Montréal, Droit, Droit

Vittoria, Josephine
Concordia University, Arts, Modern Languages


Thank you to all the students who applied this year for a Bursary!We received more than 100 applications, and all the applications have been analysed scrupulously. We have the possibility to grant no more than 35 Bursaries this year. s We are working hard to be able to help more students every year.

Wishing you success in your studies!


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