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Remembering The Internment: Italian Canadians During World War II - Montreal
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Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP)
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Competition to create a sculpture... >>read more


Canadian Doc developing blood test that could detect concussions
article in the The Gazette
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Half-baked idea? Twins Delights is far from it
article in The Gazette
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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the CIBPA Bursary Program,
during the Gala held on November 25, 2011,
50 bursaries have been granted
- 2 Doctorates, 6 Masters, 27 Bachelors and 15 Meritorious Bursaries:


Boucher-Marcuri, Kristell
Université de Sherbrooke, Lettres & Sciences, Psychologie

Della Porta, Sandra
Concordia University, Arts & Sciences, Education


Chadillon-Farinacci Véronique
INRS, Science, Études urbaine

Rainone Anthony
McGill University, Science Anatomy and Cell Biology

Rodà Nina
Université de Montréal, Pharmacie, Pharmacie

Scavone Geneviève
Université de Montréal, Arts & Sciences, Psychologie

Tamburro Vanessa
University of Toronto Information Museum Studies Concordia University, Psychology, Child Study

Trevisonno Michael
McGill University, Science Experimental surgery


Arduini, Sergio
McGill University, Arts, elementary/secondary education ESL

Barbagallo, Margherita
Ottawa University, Law, Common Law

Cerasuolo, Luca
Université de Montréal, Droit, Droit

Cicione, Steve
Concordia University, Arts, Psychology

Cipolla, Giuseppina
McGill University, Science, Pschology

Clermont, Océane Université de Sherbrooke
Lettres et sciences humaines, Service Social

Corneli, Stefania Pamela
McGill University, Arts, Linguistics

Coventry, Sara Ann
Université de Montréal, Amenagement, Design industriel

De Fenza, Rosa
Concordia University, Science, Cell and molecular biology

De Thomasis, Sandro-Angelo
Concordia University, Arts, Western Society and Culture

Di Criscio, Jessica
McGill University, Education, Education

Di Francesco, Vanessa
Concordia University, Arts, Classics

Di Girolamo, Sofia Diana
Concordia University, Arts & Science, Exercise Science

Di Palma, Patricia
Concordia University, Arts, Liberal Arts

Frenda, Giuseppe
McGill University, Science, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Garofalo, Fabiano
Concordia University, Science, Actuarial Mathematics/Finance

Graziani, Deborah
McGill University, Education, Physical and Health Education

Marks, Laura Marissa
McGill University, Arts, History/Philosophy

Mezzacappa, Sabrina
Concordia University, Arts, Western Society and Culture

Napolitano, Joanne Vanessa
Concordia University, Arts, Italian

Paradiso, Marco
Concordia University, Arts & Science, Italian

Petriello, Natasha
McGill University, Commerce, Accounting

Polce, Gabriel
McGill University, Science, Psychology

Prioriello, Teresa
McGill University, Science, Biochemistry

Stagno, Caterina
Concordia University, Arts & Science, Communication studies

Toia, Celina
UQAM, Droit, Droit

Vittoria, Josephine
Concordia University, Arts & Science Hispanic Studies-exp & Culture

Meritorious Bursaries

Amari, Fatima
McGill University, Medicine, Occupational Therapy

Collacciani, Giancarlo Jr.
UQAM, Psychologie, Psychologie

Droghini, Amanda
McGill University, Science, Agricultural Environmental Science

Fulginiti, Amanda
McGill University, Arts, Art History

Lovato, Amanda
McGill University, Sciences, Experimental Medicine

Macri, Angelo Michael
McGill University, Science, Biochemistry

Martelli, Adam
McGill University, Engineering, Civil Engineering

Martelli, Vanessa
McGill University, Medicine, Medicine

Martinez, Ruth
McGill University, Arts, Linguistics

Mascarella, Marco Antonio
McGill University, Medicine, Medicine

Piedimonte, Sabrina
McGill University, Medicine, Surgery

Pignatelli, Sonia
HEC Montréal, Sciences, Gestion

Restuccia, Mariachiara
HEC Montréal, Administration, Marketing

Silvaggio, Pamela
Concordia University, Commerce, Accountancy

Valente, Stephen
Université de Montréal, Pharmacie, Pharmacie


Thank you to all the students who applied this year for a Bursary.
We received more than 170 applications, and all the applications have been analysed scrupulously.

We encourage all the students who haven't been chosen to apply again next year, for the Bursary Program 2012.

We work hard to be able to help more students every year. Thanks to the generosity and the efforts of our donors and community members, we belive we can do it!

Wishing you success in your studies!


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