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En Se Souvenant De L'Internement: Les Italo-Canadiens pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondialle - Montreal
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Programme national de reconnaissance historique pour les communautés (PRHC)
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Concours pour la creation d'une sculpture....
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Canadian Doc developing blood test that could detect concussions
article dans "The Gazette"
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Half-baked idea? Twins Delights is far from it
article dans la The Gazette
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Infolettre de la CIBPA

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Fondation CIBPA

Programmes et Conseil d'Administration 2012/2014
The CIBPA Foundation (Fondation CIBPA/Fondazione CIBPA) has two programs:

1) The Annual Campaign
Fundraising for the Bursary Program will continue so scholarships and bursaries can continue to be awarded on an annual basis. Scholarships for excellence are in the amount of $1000 and the bursaries range in amount from $2000 to $4000.

2)The Endowment Fund
The CIBPA Foundation is in the process of creating an Endowment Fund for Education to promote education in the Canadian-Italian Community. This should be self-sustaining program that will not rely on annual fundraising.
Such a Fund would require a large monetary reserve (several million dollars) to be meaningful and successful.
The CIBPA Bursary Program is the largest private scholarship and bursary program for higher education in the Italian Community in Quebec.
This 50-year-old program is the pride of the CIBPA and of the Italian Community.
It is essential that those who have agreed to sit on the Board of the CIBPA Foundation help with fundraising for the Endowment Fund. It is also important that we encourage our members, particularly, our young members, to be part of this process.

CIBPA Foundation Board of Directors for the mandate 2012/13:

Rita Lc de Santis, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg *

Gian Carlo Biferali, Biferali Fine Arts *
Darren Carmosino, CIBC Bank
Rocco Caruso *
Giovanni Chieffallo, RCMP *
Peter Comito, Selectcom Telecom *
Carmine D’Argenio, BMW Laval
Mariano De Carolis, Caisse populaire Canadienne Italienne
Nick Di Tempora, MAPEI Inc.*
Mike Goriani, Mitchel-Lincoln Packaging Ltd. *
Tony Loffreda, RBC Royal Bank *
Sam Scalia,Samcon *
Franca Riso, Groupe Montoni
Sam Spatari, CA – PSB Boisjoli *
Mr. Giovanni Rizzuto, Metrocom

*CIBPA Nominee
The above listed CIBPA Foundation Board of Directors will hold office until the close of the next annual general meeting of the members of the CIBPA Foundation in 2014.
The CIBPA Foundation is allowed a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 17 Board of Directors. Two-thirds must be designated by the CIBPA

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


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