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Remembering The Internment: Italian Canadians During World War II - Montreal
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Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP)
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Competition to create a sculpture... >>read more


Canadian Doc developing blood test that could detect concussions
article in the The Gazette
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Half-baked idea? Twins Delights is far from it
article in The Gazette
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CIBPA Montreal Mission Statement & Objectives

  • CIBPA’s mission is to offer to business people and professionals of Italian origin a complete range of services and activities to encourage the development and growth of their professional and interpersonal relationships.

  • To be the best-managed and most respected business association in the Province of Québec and in Canada.

  • To accomplish this goal we will improve our financial performance by encouraging membership growth through an organization that encourages individual & corporate members to contribute to our success and create an environment where all members are valued and feel valued and are motivated to participate in all activities.

  • We will achieve a long-term pattern of growth in profitability re-invested into additional services for our membership and for our community.

  • We will strengthen and improve the quality and quantity of our events and services by focusing on diversified topics of interest to our members, guest speakers and experts in various fields.

  • We will build on our sources of strength of our own membership, on each other’s knowledge, skills and dedication of all our members.

  • We will judiciously scrutinize events & policies which have a direct or indirect impact on our general membership and take appropriate action to voice our concerns and protect our rights, interests and freedoms.

  • We will encourage from all members, board members and executive innovation and constructive creativity into new events and activities.

  • We will ensure that integrity and the highest ethical standards guide all our actions.

  • We will foster a spirit of teamwork throughout the association and remain committed to the development of all our members.


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